Research and Consultancy

 cmde Nambiar

   Cmde M Nambiar, PhD

In order to keep pace with the dynamic changes in employment of management tools in the contemporary world, a need was felt at the CDM to create an exclusive Faculty of Research and Consultancy. This faculty thus came into being in 1986.The faculty is engaged in the task of promoting contemporary management practices in the services and is devoted to undertaking research work in the field of Defence Management.  We aim to coordinate Research in the form of Case Studies & Dissertations; provide Consultancy services on aspects pertaining to Defence Management to the three Services in the form of Project Studies; disseminate management information and impart instructions in Statistics & Research Methodology

Over the past three decades, a large number of Dissertations and Project Studies have been undertaken in an attempt to advance knowledge as well as analyse and solve specific issues/problems projected by various organisations.  The research work and Project Studies carried out so far, both by the HDMC participants as well as members of the College faculty have been widely appreciated and have thus enhanced the brand image of the College. The Department of Academic and University Affairs also functions under the FR&C to look after the aspects pertaining to award of MMS degree to HDMC participants and Chair  of  Excellence  at  CDM  for  Ph.D programme.

Faculty Members 


Rank & Name




  Cmde M Nambiar

  HF R&C   3661

  Col Manish Kumar, VSM

  Fac Coord
  3668   6684
  Col PN Menon   OIC Library   3676   6661
  Col Saurabh Gupta   DS   3666  
  Col M S Soni   OIC Publication   3680   6619
  Gp Capt Kannan D Pillai   DS   3677  
  Col Vinay Gupta   DS   3677  
  Col Vishal Nayyar   DS   3663   6619
  Capt (IN) VMD Jagannath   DS   3663  
  Capt (IN) R Srinivas   OIC URC   3807  
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