Faculty of Planning, Administration and Training

Brig Rajiv K Sahni, VSM   HF PAT

             Raised at inception of CDM in 1970, then Faculty of Personnel and Administration has over the years evolved as Faculty of Planning, Administration & Training (FPAT). This vital nerve centre of CDM has a comprehensive charter viz. Planning and Coordination of Training (CDM Almanc, Roll-Out of Course, Scheduling / Conduct of Guest Lectures, Panel discussions, External capsules etc), Administration (Personnel, Resources, Budget, Accomodation and Works) and effects internal coordination between Faculties, Departments and all Branches / Sections of CDM.

The Faculty is responsible for Academic Outreach, Collaborations and Connects with Institutes of higher learning, both Nationally and Internationally. Through the Department of Information Systems; FPAT ensure sustained operation, maintenance and contemporary upgrades to a robust, high-tech IT infrastructure and virtual learning environment. The faculty plans, coordinates and conducts all visits, Inspections and Training/extra curricular events at CDM.

Headed by a Brigadier, this faculty has the Directing Staff (Coordination), Directing Staff (Training), HoD Information Systems and Colonel Administration, as the key appointments.

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