Faculty of Planning, Administration and Training

Brig Anupam Bhagi, YSM, SM   HF PAT

             Raised at inception of CDM in 1970, then Faculty of Personnel and Administration has over the years evolved as Faculty of Planning, Administration & Training (FPAT). This vital nerve centre of CDM has a comprehensive charter viz. Planning and Coordination of Training (CDM Almanc, Roll-Out of Course, Scheduling / Conduct of Guest Lectures, Panel discussions, External capsules etc), Administration (Personnel, Resources, Budget, Accomodation and Works) and effects internal coordination between Faculties, Departments and all Branches / Sections of CDM.

The Faculty is responsible for Academic Outreach, Collaborations and Connects with Institutes of higher learning, both Nationally and Internationally. Through the Department of Information Systems; FPAT ensure sustained operation, maintenance and contemporary upgrades to a robust, high-tech IT infrastructure and virtual learning environment. The faculty plans, coordinates and conducts all visits, Inspections and Training/extra curricular events at CDM.

Headed by a Brigadier, this faculty has the Directing Staff (Coordination), Directing Staff (Training), HoD Information Systems and Colonel Administration, as the key appointments.

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