Planning, Administration and Training

Brig Anupam Bhagi, YSM, SM   HF PAT

Planning, Administration and Training is the central coordinating agency for all traning and other activities of the College including Syllabus. Training programmes and Training Aids for all the courses/faculty, guest lecturers, external capsules etc.

Also as the name suggests, the department looks after the entire administrative aspects of the college including administrative support for all the personnel, creation and maintenance of infrastructure and other facilities, Control of Budget, Welfare, Sports, visits by VIPs and many other such activities also come under the umbrella of this all encompassing department

Faculty Members

Rank & Name Appt Intercom EPABX
 Brig Anupam Bhagi, YSM, SM HF PAT 3604/3605 6611/27110485
 Col Lokesh Kumar, SM** DS Coord 3614 6624/27115741
 Col Amit Yadav Trg Coord 3615 6624/27115741
 Lt Col Rajesh Kumar Singh, SM GSO-1 Coord 3616 6665
 Col DJJ Ranade, VSM HoD IS & DS 3606 6669/27111989
 Lt Col Gaurav Nyol
OIC IT &  Exch 3610 6663
 Col Ravi Kumar Col ADM 3621/3622 6615/27111731
 Brig AA Mahmood, VSM SO Est 3667 6638
 Col PN Mohapatra, KC, YSM Camp OC 3624 6651 
 Lt Col GL Bagria Mess Secy 3660 6686
 Lt Col S Banerjee
AA & QMG 3623 6617
 Col TRN Chary So Works 3757
Maj LV Manohar Reddy RMO 3707 6648
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