Decision Sciences

 Air Cmde Shashank Misra,VM   HF DS  

From the inception of the College in 1970 till 1977, the DS disciplines were gradually introduced into the curriculum through the Faculty of Management Studies (now Faculty of Behavioural Sciences) and Faculty of Management Techniques (present Faculty of Industrial Resource Management). Over the years, these were consolidated and the Faculty of Decision Analysis came into existence in Aug 77 and was rechristened as Faculty of Decision Sciences on 16 Nov 04. The department of Systems Analysis was re-designated as the Department of Systems Analysis and Design in Feb 05 in order to emphasise the close linkages to the ‘Design’ aspect, and was shifted under Faculty of Information Systems with effect from May 05.

A review of subjects was carried out in 2015. Based on feedback and Faculty experience, Operations Research and Systems Analysis has now been formally separated as two distinct subjects of OR and SA. The Faculty now has the following four Departments:-

  1. Department of Information & Communication Technology.
  2. Department of Operations Research.
  3. Department of Systems Analysis.
  4. Department of Project Management.

The contents of various disciplines for the HDMC (erstwhile LDMC) have been exhaustively reviewed and a paradigm shift in pedagogy (computer based training) introduced with effect from HDMC-01 in Jun 05. Accordingly, the Master Folders of various disciplines of HDMC have been substantially and comprehensively revised. Further, the number of Faculty Projects taken up by the FDS has gone up substantially over the years.

The faculty has been instrumental in getting CDM the status of institutional member of the International Project Management, on 14 Nov 07. The College has also been designated as a centre by IPMA for examination conducted by it. Thus CDM has become the first defence institute to acquire this status. The college has conducted two examinations in Project Management for the defence officers for the award of globally recognized Level D certification from IPMA. Since its institution a total of 31 officers have so far been awarded Level D certificate in Project Management through this college.

Faculty Members 


Rank & Name




  Air Cmde Shashank Misra,VM




  Gp Capt Neeraj Sharma   DS   3699  
  Gp Capt LK Jain
  HoD SA   3647
  Gp Capt MK Pani   HoD ICT   3645  
  Gp Capt JK Sahu   HoD OR   3733   6680
  Capt (IN) Joseph Loy Rego   Fac Coord   3653   6657
  Capt (IN) Sanjay Adhana   HoD PM   3685  
  Col VLM Mohan   DS   3648  
  Col TM Sinha   DS     3683  
  Gp Capt Rahul Lilani   DS   3659  
  Col A Vasu Deva   DS   3683  
  Col G Kapoor   DS   3646  
  Col R Kuriance   DS   3649  



Air Cmde Shashank Misra,VM

Air Cmde Shashank Misra,VM

ICT Faculty

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