Behavioural Sciences


Brig Jitendra Singh   HF BS

1. Faculty of Behavioural Sciences: The Faculty was raised as the Faculty of Management Studies in Aug 70. Capt (IN) SS Rao was the first Head of Faculty from 19 Aug 70 to 15 May 74. It was re-designated as the Faculty of Organisational Behaviour (FOB) in 76 and as Faculty of Behavioural Sciences (FBS) on 16 Nov 04. The departments functioning under the faculty include the Department of Organisational Behaviour and the Department of Strategic Management. The Faculty conducts a plethora of courses and programmes for a wide spectrum of officers of the Armed Forces as well as the teaching faculties of various training and management institutes.

(a) Department of Organisational Behaviour: The Aim of this department is to develop management expertise amongst the stakeholders through conduct of structured courses and programmes in the fields of Organizational Behaviour. The Department continuously contributes towards enhancing the image of CDM, as a contemporary management institution by providing pragmatic teaching and research support to the Armed Forces. It’s important objectives are :-

(i) Enhance leadership potential and human skills through an understanding of contemporary leadership concepts, human behaviour and motivational process.

(ii) Understand the process of organisational development and interventions through the application of contemporary management principles.

(b) Department of Strategic Management: The aim of the Dept of Strategic Management is to help participants understand the concept and scope of Strategic Management of National and Military Security. This department is responsible for functioning as a nodal agency for promotion of strategic concepts and thoughts within the Armed Forces, as well as amongst those concerned with management and administration of security. It’s important objectives are :-

(i) To enable Officers undergoing course to formulate a holistic national security and military strategy and develop strategy implementation plan.

(ii) To develop into Centre of Excellence for Net Assement and central focal point for all aspects connected with National Security Strategies, National Military Strategies, Defence Planning and the interaction with agencies within India and abroad. 

Faculty Members


Rank & Name 




  Brig Jitendra Singh   HF BS   3630   6603


  Col VKR Jagtap

  HoD   3634   6642

  Col Saurabh Bhatnagar

  DS   3637   6634

  Col P Satish Warrier

  DS   3640   6636

  Col J Ralli

  DS   3633   6636

  Col Amit Yadav

  DS   3629

  Col Ashish Bhalla

  DS   3625   6632


  Col Arindam Saha, SM

  HoD   3654

  Gp Capt GS Chauhan

  Fac Coord   3632  
  Col Manoj Ruria   DS   3681  
  Col Rakesh Zutshi, SM   DS   3656  

  Capt (IN) YK Singh

  DS   3650  

  Col Nipun Anand

  DS   3658  

  Col CY Rajith

  DS   3636  
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