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College of Defense Management

The College has trained over 10,000 officers since its inception through its in-house training programmes. Selected civilian officers from the Ministry of Defence and officers from friendly foreign countries also attend these programmes. The College also conducts management training programmes in other premier training institutions of the defence services. Over the years, the College has achieved the unique status of being a National Centre for Management Education, especially in the field of Defence Management. In recognition of this eminence, the All India Management Association, the apex body for Management in India, invited the College to be an institutional member of the Association, along with the Indian Institutes of Management and Administrative Staff College of India.

Osmania University, Hyderabad signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the College on 14 August 1994, recognising the core programme, i.e. Higher Defence Management Course (HDMC), (erst while LDMC) as equivalent to a post-graduate degree course in management studies. Participants of the Higher Defence Management Course, from 1994-95 onwards, are awarded the degree of Master of Management Studies (MMS).

This enables the HDMC graduates to pursue higher studies in the field of management. The College also undertakes management consultancy studies to find solutions to live and complex problems of the three services. It is through the research efforts of the Faculty that the College remains sensitive to the requirements of an ever-changing environment.

The College of Defence Management has a fine blend of highly serene academic environment, rich practical experience and highest traditions of discipline and dedication. The College constantly re-examines and refines the training process, taking environmental changes into consideration, so as to be contemporary in the field of management studies. It continues to strive towards attainment of its goals and is heading towards a more challenging future. The thrust will continue to be towards a multi-directional approach in training a large section of defence service officers so that the benefits of management studies are realized at all levels of the defence hierarchy.

During the last four decades, the CDM has contributed significantly towards propagating contemporary management practices in the three Services.The College has created a place for itself in the hearts of many and a niche for itself within the environment.


Higher Defence Management Course

  • Understand the national security imperatives and the defence planning process in order to effectively contribute towards perspective planning in the armed forces.
  • Enhance leadership potential and human skills through an understanding of contemporary leadership concepts, human behaviour and motivational process.
  • Understand the process of organisational development and interventions through application of management principles and innovative training concepts in the armed forces.
  • Gain sufficient exposure to management concepts and quantitative techniques for effective planning and execution of logistics in a Single and integrated service environment.
  • Acquire a clear understanding of economic concepts and their application in the armed forces, especially in the areas of financial planning, budgeting and controlling.
  • Leverage information systems to add value to operational planning process using analytical decision making in a net centric environment.
  • Leverage the power of quantitative techniques as aids to decision making in the contextual domain of situations relevant to operational and logistic aspects in the armed forces.
  • Understand nuances of efficiently managing various facets of defence projects.
  • Develop understanding of systems approach, so as to optimally exploit the management concepts and quantitative, as well as qualitative techniques for pragmatic decision making.
  • Gain an insight into the research methodology required to carry out an in-depth study of management problems, so as to evolve workable solutions.


Senior Defence Management Course

  • Enhance awareness through an exposure to contemporary concepts in organisational behaviour.
  • Appreciate current trends in organisational interventions for enhancing organisational effectiveness.
  • Understand the process of defence planning so as to be able to appreciate the complexities of perspective planning and force structuring.
  • Augment decision making capabilities through systems approach, using quantitative as well as qualitative techniques and exploiting IT applications.
  • Understand the fundamentals of macro economic issues with particular emphasis on financial planning in the armed forces.
  • Acquire understanding of issues related to logistics in the armed forces for optimal utilisation of resources.
  • Relate to aspects of information technology, so as to harness its potential as a force multiplier while exploiting it in a secure environment.


To be the nation’s premier centre of excellence in developing future generations of strategic leaders for meeting the challenges to national security.


To develop enlightened leadership by imparting knowledge skills and competencies for effective decision making in higher defence management to enhance the effectiveness of armed forces.


1. 0800 hrs - 1415 hrs.
2. Adm timings for offices : 0800h to 1630h (with a lunch break from 1300h - 1330h).
3. Uniform will be worn only on all Monday & when specified in College orders.
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