Higher Defence Management Course  (HDMC)


This is the core programme of CDM. It is a residential course of 44 weeks duration attended by  selected officers of the rank of Colonels and their equivalent in the Navy, Air Force, Para Military Forces and civilian officers from the MOD. Six vacancies are allotted to officers from friendly foreign countries. The course is pitched at the directional and conceptual level with focus on application of management tools & techniques in operational management. Participants undertake a Forward Area Tour, a Management Education Tour of private/ public sector establishments and a Foreign Tour as part of the course curriculum. In the culminating application phase of the course they carry out “Project Studies” with a view to find solutions to the challenges being faced by the Armed Forces. Participants are awarded the degree of Master of Management Studies (MMS) by the Osmania University and a Certificate of Advance Course in Management by All India Management Association on successful completion of the course.

Senior Defence Management Course  (SDMC)


This is a four weeks course attended by selected officers of the rank of Brig/ Cmde/ Air Cmde as well as civilian officers from MOD. Three vacancies are also allotted to officers from friendly foreign countries. The inputs are at conceptual level and are oriented towards enhancement of leadership potential and decision making skills through application of modern management concepts and techniques. The course also offers participants an opportunity to enlarge their perspective by exchange of views on selected themes related to this exposure. Two such courses are conducted annually.

Management Development Programme (MDP)

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The College conducts six two week theme based programmes for assignment oriented training of young officers i.e., Majors/ Lt Cols and their equivalents. The aim of these programmes is to expose the officers to themes related to their current areas of employment. The programmes focus on issues and problem areas in selected themes such as Training, Leadership, Budgeting, Acquisition Process, Operations Research, Project Management, Human Resource Planning & System Analysis. A MDP for officers from neighbouring countries is the latest addition to the college curriculum.

Defence Management Course  (DMC)


The college conducts a two week course for officers of friendly neighbouring countries. The aim of this course is to familiarise officers with important facets of management concepts applicable to the defence services within the wider context of regional and global security. It provides exposure to management tools and techniques with special focus on aspects pertaining to operational and logistics planning, understanding of the complexities of management of change in the dynamic environment of the region and focuses on leadership and man management challenges in the armed forces with a view to evolve pragmatic solutions.

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